First there is attention called to the student if another student wears their hood and uses the excuse — “why are they allowed to wear theirs? The other is that we assume no other student has experienced trauma in our classrooms. The same is true for other cultural dress and trauma informed practices. When we look at Black culture and Black dress and the individual identity that the Black population has created through their experience in our Euro-Centric world, we may disfraces en pareja begin to see where this statement no longer holds true. Basketball was black–but not too black. Hip-hop–some version of it–was very much at the center of basketball and has been since. The league’s marketing displayed the popular elements of hip-hop while cleaning away much of the racial issues and social commentary that are its soul. Jordan’s brand was propelled by hip-hop, but he kept a distance from it himself and maintained a clear sense of apathy toward most cultural issues. Bandana Durags I never do of course, as this would be an infraction of her right to wear her cultural head-wear, but the fabric on her head always directs my eyes. ” An uncomfortable situation of putting a student on the spot, already looking to avoid attention, easily avoided if all students were allowed to wear hats/hoods in the classroom.

You may not have remembered me by name but I was that student that sat in the back of your 4th hour English Literature class by the windows. ” “Is enforcing a rule at a particular time worth the potential loss of relationship capital with the student? ” “Will enforcing this rule help keep students safe? The hood rule (or better, no hood rule) is about safety. Trauma informed practices assume everyone has experienced some sort of trauma, and again, treating the classroom and school as an equitable space can make students in these unknown situations feel some semblance of safety for ten months of the year. We talk about equity in the classroom. scary girl costumes Lingering unease about the “thuggishness” the NBA promoted via hip-hop spilled onto talk radio. Basketball and hip-hop were my secret gardens, and Allen Iverson highlights watered that garden. Is Iverson’s entrance into the Hall of Fame a validation of the full legacy of Allen Iverson, or–like the current consumerism of the NBA–is it an attempt to digest parts of a phenomenon while ignoring others? Iverson was ostensibly inducted into the Hall for his basketball ability, his prolific scoring, and the way in which he took a talentless Sixers team to the Finals.

However, students cannot truly feel seen if they are not free to dress in such a way that expresses who they are. The dress code the league passed seemed to be directly targeted at him. These underlying forms of systemic racism in the form of dress codes lead us to explore microaggressions. The hoodie becomes an escape, when we look to trauma — a form of protection. His contemporaries—Shaq, Kobe, Chris Webber, Ron Artest—all represented some aspect of this new paradigm, but Iverson, with his durags, tattoos, baggy clothes, jewelry, braids, and crossovers, embodied it in a form that couldn’t be denied. No jerseys, no durags, no jewelry. Durag Fest has grown each year since, becoming an annual celebration to coincide with Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. The building principal in question held a team building exercise with her school staff at the beginning of this school year.

Lisa Boyer, the white principal of Friendship Elementary School in Glen Rock, was photographed in August dressed up as the Family Feud host. McCarthy, J. F. (1994, August 12). Milford bans hats in school. I remember the crossover, the shooting sleeves, the tattoos, the braids, the shoes. I would reach down and touch my shoes after each game. One hand, holding a soda and big mac whilst wearing church shoes. ‘Did you see what he was wearing? When we make eye contact I can always tell for that split second she nervously awaits to see if I will ask her to remove it. …it’s considered customary for men to remove their hats upon entering a church” (Moor, 2019, para. Two men got into a ridiculous fight over sweet and sour sauce inside a McDonald’s. This echoes the systemic incarceration of Black men in the United States, so to further analyze that sagging pants is more than simply a trend, but rather it is a commentary of the rate at which Black men are incarcerated.

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